An integral part of our corporate culture.

When it comes to working with electricity, nothing is more important than safety, which is why Centrim’s “Site-Specific Safety Programs” are designed to empower all of our employees. Each understands their role in sustaining and improving safety on the job. The goal is to eliminate accidents from our projects—completely.

Our staff maintains a minimum of OSHA 10 Safety Certification and our Foremen and PM’s maintain a minimum of OSHA 30 Safety Certification. We are also proud members of prestigious organizations that promote safety in our industry, including NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association). For more than 100 years NECA has provided electrical contractors with the latest safety standards and is known for promoting excellence in our industry, “… related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.”

What truly sets Centrim apart from the competition is our unyielding dedication to our safety ideals. Not only do we make it everyone’s job to promote a safe workplace, but we employ individuals who “work the program” every day.